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Website Review

The aim of our "Website Review" service is to tell you more about your site and suggest ways to enhance it.

The review is offered at a fixed price service. We have two levels of review available as described below.

Area ReviewedStandard ReviewEnhanced ReviewDescription
Home page The home page is one of the most important pages in your site. We check that users can find everything they need on your home page and that space is being used to the greatest advantage.
Contact page   The contact page is often where you're trying to drive your visitors to. We make sure that your contact page behaves in a way that a visitor would expect.
Navigation Getting from page to page can be difficult. We review your navigation structures to make sure visitors can find their way around your site.
Browser Compatibility - Basic One of the biggest challenges facing web developers today is making sure a web page looks the same for all visitors. We check your home page on the latest versions of the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari) to check is displays correctly.
Browser Compatibility - Extended   Ever thought what your site looks like on iPhone? Our extended browser check includes older and less common browsers in addition to mobile phone browsers.
Web Coding Standards Many standards exist for web technology. We check out compliant the code used to create your site really is.
Web Accessibility Standards Owners of websites have an obligation to make them an acessible to all. We check to see how accessible your site is.
Domain Ownership Your domain is your identity on the internet. We make sure you're it's registered onwner.
Performance - General Visitors expect pages fast. We review how quickly your web pages are being presented.
Performance - File sizes   The size of files used on web pages has a direct impact on the performance of a website. We check to see whether your images and scripts are comrpessed to optimise performance.
Search Engine Optimisation   The majority of visitors are likely to find your site via a search engine. We check to see whether your site has been optimised in a way to enhance your changes of being found.
Favourite Icon This title little icon is often over looked. We check that you've got one!
Cost £100 £200  

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