Passionate about computing


Website Development

We can assist you with all aspects of website development from conception right through to realisation, for business or recreation.

We use a range of both recent and more traditional web technologies (including HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and Perl) to ensure all our sites look modern and professional, whilst maintaining compatibility with older, less common, web browsers.

All sites designed by us include:

  • Quality, web standards compliant code for maximum performance and greater accessibility
  • Web statistics so you can understand who is using your site
  • Free search engine submission to help people find your site

For more information see Website Development .

Spreadsheets & Databases

We offer a range of bespoke application development services. Whether you need a complex billing package, a simple address book or a means of automating your day to day tasks we can help.

For more information see Spreadsheets & Databases.

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