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Spreadsheets & Databases


We develop spreadsheet and database solutions to help our clients automate or simplify their daily business or social tasks. Whether you are taking your first steps with computers or need to build on a system you already have in place with have the skills and experience to support you.

Example solutions

Some examples of recent solutions we have built include:

  • Sales Reconcillation Workbook - For a clothing retailer in Surrey we built a workbook which allows them to keep a daily record of their sales and expenses which can then be supplied to their accountant to produce the end of year accounts.
  • Golf Tournament Workbook - For Golf Club in Surrey we produced an Excel workbook which allows them to calculate the winner of their 5 round eclectic golf tournament.
  • Project Burndown Workbook - For projects managers everywhere we have created this very simple "burndown" workbook that allows a list of tasks to be specified against members of a team a graph to be plotted to show whether the tasks can be completed within the time available.
  • Job Estimating and Invoicing Database - For a manufacturing client in London we built a database solution which allows them to estimate for jobs, track actual time and materials against these estimates and then generate invoices at job completion. In the first year of use this system was used to generate over 1,500 estimates and was significantly quicker than a previous paper based alternative.
  • Model Collection Database - For a die-cast model collector in Surrey we produced a database that allowed him to catalogue his collection of over 2,000 models.

Typical Costs

We charge a flat rate fee of £50 per hour. The nature of these solutions mean that the time taken to build them varies with the examples above taking between 6 and 90 hours to complete.

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